Largest Lockdown ( unlock) in india ??

So many questions are in my mind ,let gets started with how it affects me (every one)and whole world?

It effect every one but how it effect you and me it matters lot then any of the topic . people learning new skills but some are looking for survival only like the need thing like in 80’s or 90’s type fight for food.
In india the economy is almost 3 trillion but people don’t have food for eat .


As students it  affected us so badly even we can’t imagine because in future we get the results of it .

Many new report and not telling the truth of virus The whole infrastructure and hospital service collapse suddenly but people don’t know about it .
It so sad people are not getting bed for last breath
   And there is questions about people are thinking about free time or family time from last decade get never get so long holiday in there life .
But the happy or not??
Depending on the situation of bank balance ( I think you got it) why people are forget about migrate because there nature .
Today,me and friends are on call we are talking about things from last. 100 day but at a certain point it end everything get bored .
  Take care of ourself

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